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RolStoppable said:
padib said:

Apple is monopolistic, of that there is no doubt.

The problem is that this case gives Apple more ground to behave how it already does.

Apple is no saint, but Epic is handing them legitimacy on a silver platter. No one company should have so much control over the usage of software over such a large portion of the population, and be allowed to enforce such strict rules that gauge money out of those forced to use their platform, and forces competition out of the race.

There's an issue with Apple, the government is already on the case of all big IT companies (there was a hearing at the beginning of the month). This case with Epic is just making things worse for consumers, because in the end it just means we pay more and more goes into Apple's pockets and, over the long run, we have less options due to less competition.

Apple is not monopolistic. Neither the iPhone nor iOS hold a level of marketshare where monopolistic practices could be applied, because companies and consumers alike can choose between plenty of alternatives in the smart device market. Remember, Apple did not raise royalty fees and what they charge isn't above the industry standard.

Epic's argument that Apple should not get to decide who can use their own product and in which way makes as much sense as the demand that any creator of an IP should not have the right to monetize their own creation. For example, the Final Fantasy IP should not be Square-Enix's alone; everyone who wants to profit off of Final Fantasy should be allowed to make their own video games or merchandise without having to pay S-E anything, because it would be monopolistic if only S-E can rule over the Final Fantasy IP which they themselves have created.

jezus rol if i even saw a shit analogy from you its gotta be this one, compareable with the example that was used that MS could charge for every steam sale made on windows

EDIT: whose posting on your account

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