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axumblade said:

But for real. Ever since Marvel and Fox started their talks, I've just wanted a decent X-Men game. I think that's why I cared so much about UA3.  After they were outright omitted from the last Marvel vs Capcom, it at least felt like something. 

Could you imagine an X-Men game in the vein of Deadpool the game (minus the 4th wall comedy), but with the flexibility of Bayonetta/DMC (not entirely hack n' slash, but you get what I mean), and semi open (entire open worlds seem to lack core substance, and Semi gives you almost the same illusion as fully open world titles to my knowledge). world, while following some of the known storylines like House of M, Danger Room, Age of Apocalypse,Days of Future past etc.

I'm not sure if it could follow the same RPG route as these two games, since most mutants have defined powers, but I guess you kinda could? (like a young Scott trying to control his powers, so as you level, his powers become more refined and powerful).

I do want a new X-Men game, but I don't want it to be another fighter, and we already got a sequel to Ultimate Alliance, so something new would be nice.

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