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vivster said:
Cool stuff. I'm currently looking into getting a new bike. Since my current one is 100% road I run into issues some times with bad roads and I really fear for my bike and my wrists. MY bike has zero suspension and I tend to keep my tires rock hard at 7 Bar. I have given up commuting because the roads and bike lanes to my work are just a nightmare for my bike. I've been looking at mountainbikes and found that there are quite a few hybrids between MTBs and road bikes, which is ideal.

It seems my ideal hybrid would be a Gravelbike that's made for comfort and endurance. Some broad tires and suspension in front and back would probably be enough to be able to go a bit offroad. My dream is to just start my trip and then drive in any direction using any road, take a break when I need and then just stop at a hotel whenever I'm too exhausted to go further. Bikepacking really is my jam.

Damn that's just over 100 psi, I keep mine at 80 psi back, 70 front. It's a hybrid though and the max rating for the tires (80 psi). I use Specialized Crossroads tires, 700 38c, good grip on any terrain. Front suspension is essential for your wrists. Still hurts with all the bad roads around here and after a long ride my arms and wrists tend to cramp up. (And my legs the next morning, yay for getting older)

I've used that hybrid bike on anything, very nice to be able to go from a mountain bike trail to get up to speed on smooth asphalt and back. The tires are wide enough for moderate gravel but will still dig in in loose sand and piled up gravel.

My decision process where to go is usually based on wind direction. Start out against the wind, wind behind on the way back.

115km small little tour lol :)

The fastest I did my 109 km route was 4h 15 minutes. I currently aim to go between 3 to 4 hours at a time, my knees are starting to get older unfortunately. I'm 46 now, 42 was about my peak year.