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Cool stuff. I'm currently looking into getting a new bike. Since my current one is 100% road I run into issues some times with bad roads and I really fear for my bike and my wrists. MY bike has zero suspension and I tend to keep my tires rock hard at 7 Bar. I have given up commuting because the roads and bike lanes to my work are just a nightmare for my bike. I've been looking at mountainbikes and found that there are quite a few hybrids between MTBs and road bikes, which is ideal.

It seems my ideal hybrid would be a Gravelbike that's made for comfort and endurance. Some broad tires and suspension in front and back would probably be enough to be able to go a bit offroad. My dream is to just start my trip and then drive in any direction using any road, take a break when I need and then just stop at a hotel whenever I'm too exhausted to go further. Bikepacking really is my jam.

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