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I do a lot of cycling, between 60 and 130km routes at a time depending on time availability. Between 200 and 300 km a week, about 5,000 km a year from April to early November. (16c or above, I switch to jogging when colder) I keep a map of everywhere I've cycled in Ontario

My bike I bought around 2007

Pretty much only the frame, handle bars and saddle are still original, replacing parts every year. I go through one or two sets of tires a years, a bunch of inner tubes, patch kits, new chain every year. I have some tools in the saddle bad, a spare inner tube and patch kits. I've found glass, nails, rocks etc in my tires and also had complete blowouts, inner tube failure. Hence the spare, can't repair giant tears. Best is not to wait too long to replace the outer tires, keeps the amount of road side patching down. I mainly cycle on gravel trails/roads, lot of wear on the tires.

No splash guards so I come home completely covered in mud when I get caught out in the rain on dirt roads. Literally the back of my helmet is caked in mud and from there down lol.

I'm itching to go out cycling again already after ending up in the ER 2 days ago. Car clipped my back tire, I'm all right, just sore. Bike is in the shop, needs a new back wheel. Best is to cycle to a lake, swim as a break then cycle back. I haven't reached the lakes this year yet though, kids always home and beaches overcrowded. I take my kids cycling as well and usually end up pushing them. They're 8 and 10, leap frog launch one ahead then the next lol. Perhaps I should get them little E bikes then we can go far together :) When they were younger they were in the trailer, now I use the trailer to get pool supplies.

I'm very low tech when it comes to cycling. Nothing electronic on my bike, don't have a phone with me or anything. Sandals and shorts, usually no shirt either. It gets hot here. When I go somewhere new I memorize the map before I set off. I used to make paper print outs for directions but I'm so familiar with the area nowadays that I can't get lost anymore.

This is always a fun climb after 65 km, my bike is not that light. 164 flights of stairs to get the heart rate up.

Hamilton area is a good workout, 200 meter height difference resulting in a lot of ups and downs. According to Google my routes there have 5,200 meter elevation changes added up.