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I've went for the very first time with an E-Bike (Pedelec) Trekking bike for this year. And I am in love with it even if a certain someone doesn't appreciate it. 

I just wanted to replace my 10+ years old Trekking Bike with something new, and with something that makes it different. So, I got me the Pegasus Solero E8 plus 2020 model. 

I replaced the saddle and seatpost. 

I'm more of a casual cyclist. I go from streets, to gravel through forests and over hills. I've chosen the 500 watts battery for long distances. And it also got the newest Bosch Engine Active Line Plus (They are simply the best). 

I took the bike to the extreme to see how much it can do off-track, uphill on uneven terrain, and I was amazed that I could go up the most steep routes. 

It certainly is a lot of fun. 

Intel Core i7 8700K | 32 GB DDR 4 PC 3200 | ROG STRIX Z370-F Gaming | RTX 3090 FE| Crappy Monitor| HTC Vive Pro :3