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Captain_Yuri said:
SvennoJ said:

Nice! I guess I should fly a bit higher than 200 ft now and then haha.
I climbed above the clouds once while looking for the Nordschleife, since it was overcast and dripping.

It's sure pretty high up as well!

Get yourself inside a storm. That's where the real beauty is at.

I'm flying with live weather and the weather is all clear here! I'm planning to do a round the world trip long term, so will encounter bad weather sooner or later. Something to look forward too. I'm still too busy buzzing the ground for now :) It takes some skill to land on hilly rivers lol. Are the oceans flat or do they have actual waves? I think I saw waves in one of the videos. (The rivers don't have waves just incorrect height data turning them into hilly terrain)