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Nice! I guess I should fly a bit higher than 200 ft now and then haha.
I climbed above the clouds once while looking for the Nordschleife, since it was overcast and dripping.

It's sure pretty high up as well!

I went out cycling today for 3 hours, then flew the same route in FS 2020 (didn't take three hours in the air lol) So cool to recognize everything from the air. Yes, some things are missing, buildings aren't the right height (for example big hospital in Cambridge that stands out as a big landmark is just a 2 floor building in game) and bridges are missing, especially train bridges. However all the sat data is all there and Blackshark AI does an amazing job to make it 3D.

I tried with Turbo enabled this time. The game is definitely CPU bottlenecked. I get smooth 30 fps with turbo but bigger dips and longer stutters, cpu throttling since it gets too hot. GPU is still underutilized.

No fault of the game, just a normal 'problem' with gaming laptops. Fans on max, vents clear, slightly elevated for better air flow, metal table for better heat dispersion, that's about all I can do.

This was with CPU boost disabled, same area

Lower average frame rate but less severe dips and shorter stutters.

I don't know what taxes the CPU the most, all those lovely trees and houses probably. I could lower the draw distance or turn detail down, but I'm fine with sub 30 fps for flight sims. The eye candy is worth it. I'll turn the boost back off for a more even experience and not cooking the cpu lol.

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 19 August 2020