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Playing it since yesterday and I love the game. I have a 2 GTX1080 in SLI and this is just beautiful.
One thing that actually really surprised me about the game is that I installed it on my laptop (Alienware with a GTX1080 mobile) and my son's laptop (I believe he has a GTX1650 mobile)... And the game runs... super smoothly on both.

Of course the graphic settings are lowered and it is not as pretty as my main PC (did not change any of them after installing so far) but this is really impressive. Game is scaling down without any problem.

Also, game is fully playable with an Xbox controller (or even keyboard / mouse only I think) but I recommend getting a joystick. I am using a very cheap one (Logitech Extreme 3D Pro) and it is a big upgrade over a gamepad (which is not bad per say).