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curl-6 said:

New milestone; walked around my block.

It was harder than I thought it would be; by the end I felt really tired and even light-headed, but I made it.

Honestly, I thought it would take a lot longer to get this far; it's been 41 days since I started walking without crutches and a brace, but physiotherapy has been going really well and I've been pushing myself as much as I feel I reasonably and safely can.

While it's still uncertain as to whether it'll ever happen, I'm setting myself the long term goal of running again. I used to be a cross country and track runner in school, and I always enjoyed going for a nice jog. 

I wanna feel that rush again someday.

Glad to see you setting some sort of goal. FOr me it is totally opposite to you. My principle destroyed the love of running for me in primary school. Just because you good at something, they shouldn't force you to run every bloody morning at 7am before school lol.