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SvennoJ said:

This game is ridiculously good looking. I took the Shock Ultra out for a spin at 7pm following the Grand River to my house.

Real time and weather.

Following the river at 20 knots

Duck under the bridge!

(Don't mind the sloping water lol)

This thing can land anywhere, on the baseball field next to my house

Ok, in reality there are fences there.

So land in the street instead!

Game over when I tried to taxi into the driveway, too many trees in the way :) AI cars don't collide luckily.

Much better suited to smaller planes. They'll iron out the bugs with the airliners, the smaller work very well.

The graphics seem great for the scale, but it seems that when you get close (at least your screenshots) it doesn't have that much detail and textures are simple (both understandable due to the size of the simulation).

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