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EricHiggin said:

Yup. Though it would be way cooler if it was during the PD13 biker rally.

Maybe try Long Point? Could you make it all the way across to Erie, PA?

Have you "buzzed the tower" yet Maverick?

Finally managed to land the 787-10, twice :) Short hop, Brantford to Hamilton and back. Stay below 10,000 ft, don't touch the map, visual flight only, throttle kept working! Not easy in the largest plane lol. No clue what the thrust reverser is mapped to, it's hard to find anything in settings. I can set it to reverse thrust in the cockpit (used it to back up the plane to turn around in Hamilton) yet no time to switch camera views, zoom in on the throttle controls and move 4 levers with the mouse while keeping the plane straight without looking. Need a co-pilot! (Brakes still stopped the plane, almost in time, on the short runway at Brantford, ended up in the grass at the end off the runway, passengers were fine)

Fun but I really miss the Garmin nav gps screen where you could set waypoints, zoom in and out with clear display how the runways are aligned and where to approach. I feel like I'm flying blind in FS 2020. The nifty landing lights indicating your glide slope are missing as well. The graphics are amazing but in all other areas it's still a big step back from FSX.

You can make it anywhere since you can select unlimited fuel :)

I'll go back to the smaller planes later, too many bugs in the big ones and nearly impossible to make a decent approach without proper working instruments.