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Hmm 787-10 is very buggy. Throttle control stops working after a while, auto pilot won't stop oscillating and definitely can't stand pausing the game. (plane goes all haywire into a death spiral after unpausing) and sometimes it stops responding to all flight inputs. When you try to unplug the flight stick and plug it back in (thought it might help) the game simply crashes.

I also cannot figure out how to zoom the map making lining up for the airport very difficult, if it isn't hard enough while controlling speed by stopping and restarting the engines cause no throttle control. Can't even move the throttle level in the cockpit.

How much do these planes cost, I crashed 6 already :)

Btw it seemed live weather wouldn't work but it only works if you select live weather from the flight conditions screen. Although it still doesn't look like outside lol. It's definitely a work in progress.

Crashed another one, too buggy.

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 18 August 2020