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I guess it makes more sense to post my experience so far in here

Installation complete. Play time 7 hours (no refund option on Steam since it downloads the MS installer then downloading the actual game counts as play time), just got to the profile screen. The amount of settings and key bindings is rather overwhelming.

Not that you can sample this game in 2 hours, but it would be enough to see if it runs acceptably enough or not. Starting at level 0, next level at 50 hours lol. Premium deluxe version install size is 94.24 GB. No wait it only downloaded the base version. Only 20 planes instead of 30 hmm. I didn't pay double the price to only get the base version. Back to the installer :/

Missing content
Hello everyone, some players might experience issues getting the content of the edition bought! We are aware of the situation, the team is looking into it. [UPDATE] Our team is currently looking into the issue.

It may take up to few more hours for the additional content to unlock. Your Deluxe or Deluxe Premium content will then be downloaded via the Content Manager.

In the meantime, we recommend doing the following

Close Microsoft Flight Simulator
Close Steam
Open Steam
Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator
Wait for the Content Manager to search for updates and download the missing packages.

Day one, always fun!

Could be worse, tons of installation issues on the Steam forums.

You wonder what the beta was for....

It recognized my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro anyway. DS4 no go. (Didn't try my xbox controller, should work, DS4 was just charging on the laptop so it came up)

Hmm, no good. Takes forever to start, then forever to check content but nothing comes up. I guess I'll try the standard edition first.

No support on Steam, just directs to MS
I guess make a support ticket tomorrow.

Lol whut, was just flying straight, too much throttle?

First flight lasted 2 minutes before the screen went black.
Anyway looks awesome, frame rate not bad at 1080p with high settings (at my local low density airport)
Turning stress damage off, no warning or anything, just a black screen, dumb.

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