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It should be a generational leap after 14 years lol. Less than 2 hours before I can start downloading!

Windows updates all done (need at least version 1909 for the game to run) check.
Disk cleanup done, 205 GB precious SSD space available (need 150 GB and room for rolling cache), check.
NVidea drivers updated (released today for FS2020), check.
Page file re-enabled (got 16GB system ram but the game needs a lot and non game memory can be swapped out)
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro dusted off and recognized by windows 10, check.

Expectations tempered (some people are playing already) cockpit view of larger planes have issues, sub 18 fps on RTX 2080 while landing at detailed airports.

Tip: disable AI traffic for now, it seems to be the biggest factor that brings fps to its knees.
-AI traffic seems to be a massive FPS hog. In scenario's where I would have 45-ish without AI traffic on, I will get more like 20 or lower with AI traffic enabled.

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 17 August 2020