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We need to keep in mind that Epic runs it's own "App Store" but specialized towards video games, so whatever push they make in the industry for change, will have consequences upon themselves as well, especially as they are growing rather significantly on PC.

Epic has long been very vocal about the 30% cuts platform holders demand, regardless if it's Apple, Valve or whatever... They actually only charge a 12% fee for games sold on their store and Unreal Engine itself is only 5%.

If Epic is successful, it could mean some very positive change for the entire industry and some actual benefits for the consumer, it will be interesting to see what will happen going forth...
I would personally not be against the idea for profit cuts down towards 15-20% for consoles, mobile and PC all around and have more money funneled into developers, that way we there will be less of a need to increase game costs to make up rising development costs.

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