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BraLoD said:
DonFerrari said:

Wasn't even think about buying, but a friend sold his and was asking about if rtx would be worth and we told him to hold because of Dolar, and on meanwhile to look for some cheap one that could hold until next year. Another friend suggested 1650 Super or 5600XT, 1650 Super was about R$1100,00. Then someone posted a mercadolivre offer for 970GTX (R$800), and I looked on shopee to see how much would be a new one over there, and found this deal from an unknow brand. But since the core is still the same it should work fine if they deliver what they promised. Already eager to test.

My GPU is now over 2K, I got the Asus Tuf version, my build was all made up with similar pieces in mind, the gpu and motherboard are the tuf line from asus and the ram and ssd are from xpg, with the ram also being tuf and everything aura sync compatible just for that useless but pretty rgb haha.

Was a really nice thing to build my first pc this year, the only thing I didn't like was the cheap cpu cooler from the 3600, they should be ashamed to ship it with a cooler that is clearly inferior to what the cpu demands.

The first PC I built was when I entered university, were months researching to get the best bang for buck on the average priced parts.

This desktop now I'm mostly building for my wife to edit in photoshop. Actually I built it about 2 years ago, but had 4Gb of ram and integrated GPU. So now I bought this GPU, 16Gb of DDR4 2400 that is the limit for the Mobo and a A1000 240Gb from Kingston to be the boot drive.

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