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RolStoppable said:
JRPGfan said:

Wow.... at first I was like.... will this hurt console games? how can they even do that?
Then I realised its just them being petty, at games on their own store that make use of unreal engine.

Thats messed up though, mobile phone devs are gonna suffer because of this, even if they had no shoe in the fight.
The long term effects of apple just banning anyone from useing unreal engine on their platform.... thats so messed up too.

All because of Epic's greed.

This is clearly a "wrong" move by apple.
Two wrongs dont might a right type of thing.

Apple should get sued, if they had allowed mobile devs to make games for iOS but now are just getting banned because they used unreal engine.
Without any valid reason given to them. Broken contracts, or even just the legality of dictating to devs, what tools they can and cannot use.
That could be a legal battle in itself for apple.

Also if your trying not to look like some evil overlord thats a monopoly.... this is not how you do it.