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kirby007 said:
499 book it

Xbox One X, launched at 500$.
Now every part of the Xbox Series X is more expensive, and you expect the same price?
If it happends, its because a loss is taken on each unit sale, thats in the order of probably 50-100$.

I think this is more likely to play out:

Xbox Series X: 549-599$   (50$ loss or breakeven)
Playstation 5 (disc) : 499$  (break even)
Playstation 5 (discless) : 399$ (this will be sold at huge a loss (~70$), digital returns to recoupe some of it)
Xbox Series Y: 299-349$  (breakeven, not quite sure how much cheaper you can get it, by makeing a 4TF model)

*edit: Hell maybe even the discless version is only 50$ cheaper than the PS5. So 449$ instead of 499$.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 17 August 2020