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Manlytears said:
DonFerrari said:

Shopee had one in an incredible promotion for GTX970 with 4Gb of GDDR5 on 128bit bus core clock 900Mhz and 192 steam cores, memory clock 4100Mhz PCI-Ex16 3.0 accepting DirectX 12, with shipping cost and discount I paid R$280 (about 52USD) and will even have a cashback of 5 USD.

It does have the HDMI, VGA and DVI outputs and is manufactured by daphne, wish me luck. Will test when it arrives and tell how it gone.

The previous SSD A400 from Kingston was delivered and spec matched.

Great deal, the price is great. As other have said, be sure to have a good power supply.
Also, just asking, what's the video card manufacturer? EVGA? Perhaps Gigabyte?

edit: Forget it, i just saw "manufactured by daphne". yeah.... good luck.

That is why I need to really test it. But at least shopee have warranty for deliveries, just need to confirm asap when receive.

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