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Captain_Yuri said:

That cost slide is making me think it could reach that $600 that DF was suggesting or even $549. I am fairly confident Series X won't be priced lower than $500 now more than ever though.

Its either 549$ or 599$.

Something tells me the PS5 chip is cheaper.
Its supposedly only 36 CU (with no redundency's) and the Xbox Series X is 56 CU's (with 4 disabled).
Thats gonna amount of a large differnce in the size of the APU inside both.

If playstation launched at 499$ while the Xbox Series X is 599$, that could account for why Phil Spencer resently came out and said "Selling as many consoles as Sony or Nintendo is not our approach". This could be a case of, if you want 20% more performance than the Playstation 5, you need to pay for it.