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"Today at Hot Chips 2020, Microsoft will detail more of the internals of the Xbox Series X system architecture. Much of the information in the pre-published presentation covers details we already knew, but with the new slides in hand, there are some additional juicy morsels inside, including a diagram of the processor die."

"Taking a closer gander at the die shot, it looks as though the full chip includes up to 56 CUs. (Feel free to correct us, as counting these things can be a bit tricky.) That's because with a relatively large die, yields of functional chips can be greatly improved by building in some redundancy. If our counting is accurate, it suggests AMD and Microsoft have only disabled 4 of the dual-CU clusters, and of course all eight of the CPU clusters have to work in order to get a functioning chip."

"The presentation also takes some times to discuss the decreased difficulties in chip scaling relative to Moore's Law. While the chip size of the Xbox Series X is in line with previous console hardware (375mm square for the Xbox One in 2013, 367mm square for the Xbox One X in 2017), and transistor counts have more than doubled relative to the Xbox One X (6.6 billion to 15.4 billion), the die cost is higher. Microsoft doesn't specify how much higher, but lists "$" as the cost on the Xbox One and Xbox One S, "$+" for the Xbox One X, and "$++" for the Xbox Series X. As we've noted elsewhere, while TSMC's 7nm lithography is proving potent, the cost per wafer is substantially higher than at 12nm."

Avg cost of chip is abit higher (due to extra CU's), but buildt in redundancy, incase of faults, makes up for it.

Basically go read the article on Tomshardware.
It goes into details about stuff like the SSD, Raytraceing, ML (which is 100% confirmed now), HDMI 2.1 (120hz support) (No displayports), formats it can encode and decode at ect.

The short of it however:
The "apu" cost more than the one inside the Xbox One X.
The ram, storage(ssd), cooling, caseing.... everything is more expensive than the Xbox One X's, and that console launched at 500$.

This is more proof that these consoles are probably over 500$.
Unless Sony and MS are willing to sell them at sizeable losses.

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hinch said:

Since the show is stuck behind a paywall here's what happened in a written article (live blogpost)

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