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So far we know that Switch launch window (first 2 months - March 3rd to June 3rd May 6th) sold a little shy from 3.7M about 3.2M (3,669,471 3,210,128) units per VGChartz tracking (and being over 3 years ago we can consider this reasonably precise). We also know from the current gen systems, to use as parameter for our expectations, Xbox One sold a little less than 3.3M (3,277,762) - even with all the shortcomings that we know - and Playstation 4 sold a little less than 5.1M (5,060,349) in a similar window of launch.

Now that Microsoft isn't making the same mistakes for the launch of Series X and Sony is also coming stronger than they were with Playstation 3 as predecessor, which of the three systems will have the biggest launch window sales? We have rumors that Xbox will have a cheap Series S to make a strong case and Sony have increased their orders from 5M to 10M (not fully explained if for Holidays or until March for the fiscal year end).

Place your predictions for both systems and if they will be able to sell more than Switch launch window numbers.

Last edited by DonFerrari - on 17 August 2020

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