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gergroy said:
Chris Hu said:

The only thing COVID19 did is wipe out all preseason games the regular season will be a full one and starts on Thursday September 10th when the Chiefs play the Texans.  Since there are no preseason games this year they should have delayed the start of training camps by two to three weeks.

As of now... I’m hopeful... but I have my doubts that it will actually happen... especially with the current plan of having fans in seats... 

The NFL has the advantage of seeing how disastrous the MLB played out, and how well the NBA is doing. I'm hopeful that they will use the NBA's success and MLB's failures as a roadmap to make the right choices.

In my opinion, NFL has to bubble-up the teams, and do away with the fans. Or else the NFL season will eventually fall apart shortly in.

@rol that link is broken

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