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OTBWY said:
src said:

List of best sellers:

Capcom : MHW (8-10 million on PS4)

SE: prior FFXV (7 million+ on PS4), now FF7R (PS4 exclusive)

TK: Nioh (PS4 timed exclusive)

Atlus: Persona 5 (PS4 exclusive)

NB: DBZ/Naruto/Tekken (all had the vast majority of sales/userbase on PS4)

Let's not pretend there wasn't huge moneyhatting going on.

Proceeds to pretend there isn't huge moneyhatting going on.

Even lists obvious moneyhats

Marth said:


Every platform holder uses moneyhats. The only difference is some platform holders have more power over third parties than others. Nintendo and MS would do the same if they could but the latter lost their grasp on third parties generations ago as soon as Sony entered and the former is pretty much bowing out of the console race unable to compete with Sony.

Agente42 said:
src said:

Sony doesn't even need to moneyhat Capcom anymore. Like most JP third parties, their best selling games of all time have happened due to the Playstation ecosystem and Sony knows that, so the will continue with that ecosystem.

Only third party franchise I can see Sony moneyhatting for domestic reasons is DQ12.

SF 2 is in Playstatin ecosystem? Minecraft? Just Dance? Dragon Quest? 

MHW is Capcoms best selling game. MC and JD are Western games. DQ is outsold by FF and KH, the latter two heavily tied with Playstation.