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Ryuu96 said:
hinch said:

He got demodded for admitting to feuding console wars. The 1080P vs 4K on Resi 8 doesn't make sense since its in pre alpha and we don't know the context or what build and optimizations are for the game yet. He then backtracked calling he spoke to more 'sources' claiming PS5 was only capable of fake 4K.

Matt from Resetera also calling him out, who's an actual developer at Activision.

He might have contacts at Capcom, everywhere else is a bit of a guessing game.

I'm aware Matt called him out but it was more along the lines of saying he shouldn't say stuff like that when Resident Evil 8 is so far away that making comments on the state of the game is stupid given there's a lot more optimisation to do.

I don't see any evidence that he was de-modded apart from random users on Twitter.

This is the evidence used of him trying to start a 'console war' and 'lying' but I don't see at all how anyone could take that Tweet and say he's admitting to lying in it. I'm not sure how it is console warring either when he was specifically responding to a thread about "Realistically, how is Microsoft expected to compete with Sony next generation? Can they"

If there's anything more concrete then I'll be happy to dump him as a reliable insider.

Maybe but his integrity certainly took a hit. Maybe a reason why?

All of his insider information is from a source from Capcom. And everything else is just wishy washy guesses.

Take with the usual grain of salt as far as I'm aware with these insiders. Its not he is lying or not, it could be all tales from his ass, all we can rely on is Capcom news/leaks as far as I'm aware.