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Ryuu96 said:
Blood_Tears said:
No no no, this doesn't match what my "insiders" are saying at all about price! Insiders like Dusk Golem who got demodded and admitted he lied and made up everything because he didn't like Xbox getting bad press after their last show case.

I mean, what Dusk said could still be true, it only needs PS5 to be more expensive.

Got a source on him admitting he lied?

Also he wasn't de-modded, he stepped down, I have an easy guess why but won't get into that.

He got demodded for admitting to feuding console wars. The 1080P vs 4K on Resi 8 doesn't make sense since its in pre alpha and we don't know the context or what build and optimizations are for the game yet. He then backtracked calling he spoke to more 'sources' claiming PS5 was only capable of fake 4K.

Matt from Resetera also calling him out, who's an actual developer at Activision.

He might have contacts at Capcom, everywhere else is a bit of a guessing game.

Last edited by hinch - on 15 August 2020