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curl-6 said:
xMetroid said:

The year has been uncertain and plans have changed a lot. Same people who were right about the exact date and how the Partner Direct would happen are saying there is a General direct the 28th. Just got said today, there never pointed out what it was back with the partner, but assumed since they heard about some titles coming soon (Mario collection, pikmin 3, etc) so they thought they would announce them there. But Nintendo pulled a stupid marketing move no one could see coming.

Insiders don't know everything clear, they have to analyze and predict. That said, they seem certain there is a general one on this time. It links with the usual time it happens and with Nintendo having for sure a September and November or December game to announce (or else they would have moved Paper Mario to holiday tbh, July could have stayed empty if the holidays didn't have a title.)

Which insiders are saying a general direct on the 28th? Can you please link me to their statements?

They don't want it to go out anymore, they are using stuff to hide comments on Resetera now, but it's Cap and Nate as usual. Grubb also think there is a indie next week.