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Also Konami and Marvelous might really capitalize on the Switch this holiday. Momotaro Dentetsu has not exited the top 10 on Amazon during Obon weeks so far... the game is definitely the best positioned Japanese 3rd party game this holiday and as I've said previously its the game that could very well be the first Japanese 3rd Party million-seller. While Rune Factory 5 could release in the perfect time as long as it's not delayed to 2021, surely with the new audience, I think it's really easy for the game to become their best selling game of all time. In Japan the top-selling Harvest Moon game on the DS sold >300K, which would be like the minimum expectations for Rune Factory 5 unless it completely bombs with the audience. 

Also, still very interested in how Captain Tsubasa does, Taiko and Fishing Spirits also didn't do well in terms of pre-orders - so I'm still pretty positive about Captain Tsubasa, as I've commented previously to me this is a sleeper hit. Lack of Football games coupled with Bandai's history of being able to produce evergreen games on the Switch will help it, the big hurdle it will need to overcome is its price Y7,000 is definitely expensive.