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I guess they must have had some stock available. I was able to win my "lottery" chance to buy the AC Switch console set. I replaced my gf's original model switch with this newer AC one and sold off the original model one. The Switch is still in demand and even used prices as well. I sold off the old one for like 10% less than the original new price I paid for it back in 2017! (I also got that original one via "lottery" when there were shortages in 2017.)

I got less money (about 4,000 less I think) last year when I sold my original Switch, after switching over to the DQ11 Special Edition Switch.

starcraft: "I and every PS3 fanboy alive are waiting for Versus more than FFXIII.
Me since the games were revealed, the fanboys since E3."

Skeeuk: "playstation 3 is the ultimate in gaming acceleration"