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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Slownenberg said:
Dear god those Switch, AC, RFA numbers! AC is just simply otherworldly, wonder if its gonna be doing like 300k a week leading up to christmas.

Ring Fit is slowly turning into Wii Fit. Hope Nintendo is planning on making more Ring Fit games, it'd be super stupid to not turn this into a series on the Switch and sell like 30 million RF games globally on Switch.

I'm starting to think maybe Nintendo has indeed massively increased hardware production and will be putting out perhaps close to 30 million systems this calendar year if they can afford to put 173k Switches on shelves in Japan in some week in August when no game launched.

Or at least some DLC. Don't know what else they can do with that ring other than fitness games, so why not simply make it DLC?

No I definitely hope for more games. I'm not saying they make non-fitness games for RF. I'm saying more fitness games. We've got an adventure fitness game, there's lot of other types of fitness games they could make. It's not like RFA covers everything that is possible with gamification of fitness, not even close. If they only end up making a single game with or without some DLC that'd be a huge waste of RF's potential. Really they should be coming out with annual releases of new Ring Fit games to give those millions of users who paid extra to buy the Ring Fit hardware to get more use out of it and more stuff to play.

If Ring Fit was a straight up fitness product and less of a "game" like Wii Fit then sure I'd say just keep adding content to that single game, but since it's an actual game you play through they could get a lot more mileage/sales out of Ring Fit by offering multiple games. Ring Fit Fighting, Ring Fit Flight, Ring Fit Action, RFA2, or whatever they come up with. They could of course just add in these games as extra game modes as DLC and turn RFA into like a hub game for multiple separate fitness games, but I think they'd sell a lot better marketed as whole new games rather than just DLC for RFA.