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DonFerrari said:
Pyro as Bill said:

Google and Apple said it was 30%. Epic decided it was 0%.

Would you blame a b+m store if they refused to stock a free game?

You missed where I said from the download not from the in-app purchases.

Nope I wouldn`t. Apple and Google decided they allow free game to be stored though.

On condition they get a cut of in-app purchases.

If they didn't get a cut of those, you can see how easy it would be to abuse can't you?

Eg One player cloned 22 times for free FIFA unless you buy the $60 in-app purchase.

Imagine what would happen to consoles if they could only survive on their 1st party ga-...

Nevermind. Ignore everything I said. I'm Team Epic now.

Nov 2016 - NES outsells PS1 (JP)

Don't Play Stationary 4 ever. Switch!