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Pyro as Bill said:
DonFerrari said:

They charge based on downloads of the SW either a percentage, a fixed price (perhaps based on the size) or a mix of percentage plus minimum price. But that is it, the store helped the game being presented (and apple doesn`t really do it. Quite different than a store where an employee go there and explain to you and convince you to buy something), but recurrent revenue for the store isn`t anyway fair. Do any brick and mortar store get a cut from the mtx and dlcs you buy afterwards for the games you purchased there? Nope, and they have a much harder profit margin to meet than Apple.

Google and Apple said it was 30%. Epic decided it was 0%.

Would you blame a b+m store if they refused to stock a free game?

You missed where I said from the download not from the in-app purchases.

Nope I wouldn`t. Apple and Google decided they allow free game to be stored though.

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