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shikamaru317 said:

I must say Epic is playing this whole thing smart, at least in the long term. The game being removed from the Google and Apple store may actually work in their favor long term, now all the teens and young adults who are angry about being locked out of the game, and the parents of kids who are whining their parents heads off because they are locked out of the game, will flood social media, running a free smear campaign against Google and Apple for Epic. It might be enough to get Google and Apple to lower the percentage on their cut or make other policy changes just to avoid the negative publicity from the social media smear campaign, without this thing ever going to court. Of course, it could also blow up in Epic's face totally, Google and Apple might not back down to the social media mob, and Epic will lose out on months worth of Fortnite mobile revenue and lose their court case as well and have to pay the legal fees.

I doubt there will be much pressure on Google for their decision. As people already said in this thread, removing Fortnite from the google playstore is of no consequence to android users if the servers are still working (I'm not sure why iOs devices that have the app installed can't connect anymore though). The first youtube tutorials on how to get the .apk will be out within the hour (maybe they already are) and I expect every 12 year old to be able to look that up or have a friend/a friend of a friend that does.