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Pyro as Bill said:
DonFerrari said:

A real crime right? Just like when I work, the government only have 40% of what I make the other 60% is mine, why should I complain?

And Apple is the one banning the game not Epic.

What's a fair split between Apple and Epic in your opinion?

Apple removed it because it broke their ToS. They haven't banned anything. Maybe Epic doing a subscription instead will circumvent the rules like Netflix do. Maybe that's what Epic is trying to do while making it look like Apple and Google are the bad guys.

They charge based on downloads of the SW either a percentage, a fixed price (perhaps based on the size) or a mix of percentage plus minimum price. But that is it, the store helped the game being presented (and apple doesn`t really do it. Quite different than a store where an employee go there and explain to you and convince you to buy something), but recurrent revenue for the store isn`t anyway fair. Do any brick and mortar store get a cut from the mtx and dlcs you buy afterwards for the games you purchased there? Nope, and they have a much harder profit margin to meet than Apple.

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