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RolStoppable said:
JRPGfan said:

And clearly not about Apple wanting more money either.
But the fact of the matter (reguardless of motive) is they have a valid case.

They could argue that its anti-competitive, and a monopoly.
Apple could be forced to change its ways, the same as Microsoft was, with internet explorors.

Yeah, right.

I'd love to see the likes of EA and Ubisoft (Origin and UPlay or whatever their stores are called) try to pull this stunt on PlayStation and then see what you have to say about it. Something tells me that you wouldn't side with EA and Ubisoft.

If Epic games wins this, and it also applies to consoles.
Good, it means cheaper games for the consumer.

If your willing to buy games from which ever storefront is currently cheaper.
The guestion becomes if EA is willing to make a storefront for consoles? and what this means to online play, do they need to host their own servers?
If their willing, and have better prices than Sony or MS, why not?

Cheaper games (from more competition from stores) = better for the consumer.