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Lafiel said:
While this is an interesting "war" that will be going on, I just can't see an angle for apple to lose this one ( granted I'm not a lawyer). And tbh I'm surprised Epic is willing to fight this one, as they operate an onlinestore themselves and winning this legal battle might weaken their own position there.

Its anti competitive, towards app developers, and not in consumer intrests.
Its basically a monopoly.

Say you want to put something out on android.
Even if you cannot get it on the store, you can atleast still have it out there (your app). And people have the freedom to find it, download it, and install it, if they want. Basically a work around, for the storefront of googles. There is no such choice, on iPhones. As a consumer, you are robbed of your choice in the matter.
As a app developer, you are not given the chance to compete. Apples way or the highway.

So the way they lose this one, is the same way Microsoft lost it, with windows and internet exploror, and being forced to allow competitors the ability to compete.