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RolStoppable said:
JRPGfan said:

And microsoft made windows..... and was still forced to allow other internet explorors to compete.
(there was other OS's around, and micrsoft going "theres other places you can go, if you dont like it" didnt work out for them)

Just like apple made the OS, but if other storefronts want to compete, they could be forced to allow it.

Browsers don't collect any money from users, so they aren't comparable to digital storefronts.

Its about consumer rights, about competition, and monopoly practice's that harm the end user.
In that sense, it doesnt matter if its the right to choose a internet exploror, or a storefront.

*Also this same trick that Epic Games pulled..... Apple use it for "Apple Music" on android devices, to cheat google, out of their cut.

Basically Apple complain about Epic games, but they themselves do what Epic games just did.

"Apple Music on Android requires its own payment details to avoid Google Play's 30% cut. Apple has accused Match, Epic, and Spotify of wanting a 'free ride' while taking one themselves."

Apple are hypocrites.