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RolStoppable said:
JRPGfan said:

Yes, motivated by money.
So is apple btw.

This doesnt mean that Epic Games doesnt have a case though.

"can you imagine when you first install your phone they ask which store app do you want to download?" - Kirby

Can you imagine that?
Google probably wants to join on a anti trust case against apple.

Remember computers and windows?
They used to ship only with windows Internet Browser, until they were forced to give people options and treat them the as equals.
Now people can use FireFox, Chrome ect.

This is that,... .but instead of a computer, its now a phone, and stores/software.

These aren't the same situations. Apple makes both the hardware and the software (the OS), so it's all their product. On the other hand, both Google and Microsoft are OS providers who tried to force their software regardless of which hardware the consumer bought. If software providers wanted to have the same control as Apple, they would have to make their own hardware. But that is hard, so they don't do it (anymore).

And if Epic were truly against royalty fees, they wouldn't charge them on their own store. Why do you think they do that?

And microsoft made windows..... and was still forced to allow other internet explorors to compete.
(there was other OS's around, and micrsoft going "theres other places you can go, if you dont like it" didnt work out for them)

Just like apple made the OS, but if other storefronts want to compete, they could be forced to allow it.