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Ryuu96 said:
JRPGfan said:

Yes, motivated by money.
So is apple btw.

This doesnt mean that Epic Games doesnt have a case though.

I don't see how they have a case Tbh.

Apple has very clear ToS which Epic would have had to agree to, Epic broke the ToS, Apple removed the app for the violation.

I feel like this lawsuit is going to be a waste of time and Epic will lose.

Fair enough if they attacked Apple's ToS and tried to get them to change them, I feel like the only way that is happening is with EU though, I genuinely believe the only way Apple will change is from an antitrust from EU.

This little fight though? Apple will live, they'll move on, they rolled in money before Fortnite, they'll continue to do after.

And I want Apple's policies to change.

It doesn't matter if Epic breached Apple's terms. Epic is claiming that Apple's monopolistic practices in both the iOS app distribution market and the iOS payment market are an unreasonable restraint of trade under the Sherman Act.

Will Apple's security BS hold?

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