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RolStoppable said:
JRPGfan said:

Google probably happy they dont have this issue.
And if Apple wins, it might mean they damage their brand abit.
Ei. users next phones could be androids.

Apple loses even if they win.
This isnt a great look for them, comeing right ontop of the backlash from gamepass also not being allowed.

How would that damage Apple's brand? The people who play Fortnite will pay the same amount for microtransactions as they did before if Apple wins the case.

Well you could make the point that Apple is not gaining anything with this and only loses.  In a short time not so much but if this takes a long time it can hurt them.

1) Last week it was Xcloud, This week it is Fortnite...What's next, more could follow...

2)  Apple is already under scrutiny by Congress and by regulators for anticompetitive behavior this case will be not in their favour...

3)  In the Past Apple already had to change some policies,  After the first year if you subscribed to something they only took 15%,  then they had to allow Spotify/Disney+/Netflix customers to pay outside the App store for a subscription...Then they could not take any cut from in game app purchases like MC donalds/pizza Hut/Star Buck.   So on....

4)  Bad Press:  This could make the news, Parents will blow it up with complaining that their child had an amount of $ on his account but can not use it anymore...