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RolStoppable said:
JRPGfan said:

Google probably happy they dont have this issue.
And if Apple wins, it might mean they damage their brand abit.
Ei. users next phones could be androids.

Apple loses even if they win.
This isnt a great look for them, comeing right ontop of the backlash from gamepass also not being allowed.

How would that damage Apple's brand? The people who play Fortnite will pay the same amount for microtransactions as they did before if Apple wins the case.

I think they actually lowered the ingame prices on the microtransactions (ei. passed on the saveings, they wouldnt be paying apple, onto the end users).

Also, its not a matter of "they will pay the same as before".
Its now a matter of, "I cannot play fornite on my phone anymore" for iphone users (apple removed it from store, and made it so it cannot connect to servers).