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I think some are putting to much stock on sony getting greedy and overconfident and thinking they will have a crazzy price disparity. Or MS willing to eat a giant loss per box. Thouse kind of things just dont happen anymore. I expect both to eat a small loss. Like if it cost $520 to make, ship and all that they would round down to $500. Or the nearest $50.

But there are rumors going around that one is cheaper than the other. If MS console is the expensive one to make I do believe they will eat the loss to match the ps5, but I really dont think they will go beyond. If its sony thats the most expensive, I see them taking a small loss and they will most likely anounce first so then MS will have a chance to undercut them a bit.But I dont see a $100 cut like some are sugesting. I could even see the same price but bundle in gamepass for a few months.

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