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The PS5 was going to win regardless....

Hot take aside... Price is key.

$299 XSS
$399 PS5 DE
$499 PS5/XSX

And this gen is over before it even began.

$299 XSS
$399 XSX/PS5 DE
$499 PS5

And Sony is in trouble. But this is impossible. Well...more like highly unlikely.

The thing about the XSS, is that it validates the value of a $100 more expensive PS5. I mean, with $100 more you get a console that is about 2.5xmore powerful. And then it discredits the XSX/PS5 disc version compared to that $399 digital PS5. "why should you spend $100 more for a disc drive or 1.17x more power?"

But if the XSS is $199? Then now that's a totally different matter.