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ThatDreamcastTho said:
DonFerrari said:

Discless for 500 and Disc version for 600 would really open Playstation to Xbox win. Lockhart 300 and Series X at 500 would possibly do a very strong competition.

The Series X is going to get killed at the same price point as a discless PS5. I could see being competitive with the Lockhart at $300 or even $400 as people would rather have a next gen system than a PS4 at that price. But at the same price point? Xbox has no chance.

Series X being stronger than PS5 and having a disc would be a very strong match and better proposition for anyone that isn`t a fan of Sony first party titles, and Lockhart being a full 200 cheaper and still offering next gen game (with PS4 at the same price). Would be a big mistake from Sony, and I believe after PS3 they saw that they are strong, but aren`t alone in the market.

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