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kazuyamishima said:
Nautilus said:

Simple: Nintendo is also a hardware manufacturer, and thus a direct competitor to Sony and MS. The same it would have been stupid to not factor the PS4 and X One when the Switch launched, it would be stupid not to include the Switch into the equation, because it WILL be stealing sales away from MS and Sony.

It's like asking which kind of chocolate is better, but leaving milk chocolate out of the question for reasons.

how is switch going to steal sales away from Sony and MS if they never steal sales of PS4/Xbone. 

They don't?How so, if the Switch is beating both of them right now?

And how can you prove they are not? By the basic principle of competition, just being a product that is similar to the one the competition is selling, you are battling for the consumer money. So by that logic, if someone spends 300 dollars to buy a Switch, it stands to reason that it's 300 not spend buying a PS4/One.Just because the PS4 and Switch sold/are selling well, dosen't mean they couldn't have sold better if that competito didn't exist.

It's... common logic...

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