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0D0 said:
Cerebralbore101 said:
Well they could have stock shortages. Or Series S could be a huge hit, with Series X making up less than 20% of overall Xbox sales. Both scenarios are rather unlikely though. I give it 70% odds Sony will win the early launch season.

Good points on price and stock. Microsoft can get really aggressive with price and discounts. We'll see.

MS really likes to muddy the waters, so I could see Series S being sold on a payment plan. Something like paying $30 a month for two years, and you get XBL Gold, a diskless Series S, and Gamepass. That would come out to about $360 per console, but MS would probably talk about "value" from now until the end of time. Roughly 30% of console users have online subscriptions, so for most people XBL would be a waste of money. But a lot of people would buy into that, because they don't want to pay $300 upfront, or buy games.