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Yes, like Ki-pi says, the doctor, and it might be wax. So first, a GP should easily be able to determine if it's ear wax. It does get so bad for some people that hearing loss becomes an issue. To the extent you're describing? Not sure. If it's wax, the GP should be referring you to an ENT who will take care of both removal, and giving you a hearing test. If it isn't, you should be getting your hearing tested at some type of speciality clinic.

Now, this is kind of important: I would highly recommend you do not get any wax removed with pressurized water in the ears. I had an attempt made by a general practitioner last November, and it went badly. I now have significant tinnitus in my left ear, and my quality of life has suffered as a result. An ENT should have a different way to get it out. Basically digging it out with a specialized tool. I have had to do this 4 times in my life, and up until the botched attempt, the water worked. I ended up seeing this ENT both because of wax, and the tinnitus, and he confirmed the water blast method is kinda risky. Especially when manually applied by the doctor. There is a a machine that also does it with more controlled pressure, but he still didn't think it's a good choice to use it.

Also. Look up ENT's in your area. That way you can avoid the bad ones, and maybe pick a few with high reviews if you get referred to one.

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