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Random_Matt said:
£349 and £449, damn the former is cheap. But myself prefer disks, the installs were quicker. Took me three hours to download Odyssey yesterday, screw that.

I'm down with this. Lower is preferable but thats just about what I'm willing to pay. And yeah its always nice to have a physical copy that you can fall back on if you need to install something and doesn't require you to download in the background.

That and the digital if the prices for the UK digital store is well, frankly a bit crap. If prices were the same like in the US, it would be more inciting. As prices they are now - £55 for a new game (TLOU2 is still this price) the initial saving probably isn't worth it, especially it if you plan on buying a lot of PS5 games. Also games drop in price so fast in value these days that you can find a game much cheaper a month after launch, if you are patient.