Captain_Yuri said:
JWeinCom said:

I feel like if you shop around and buy a lot of games, you'll wind up saving at least 100. To me an all digital console really only makes sense if you're going to use it exclusively for PSNow or Gamepass.

Pretty much! Amazon, Bestbuy and Walmart do their E3 Pre-order sale where I can order yet to be released games at a discount. FFVIIR for example. I got around $50 during that sale compared to the usual $80 price at launch. Ik Ik, CAD sucks.

Wanted to go digital for my XBox One, since I wanted it only for Gamepass, don't generally play MS exclusives, and figured I could buy any games I wanted on the PS4. But it wound up being cheaper to get a console with a disc drive. Good thing, because I didn't realize that once games are taken off of gamepass you can't play them even if you'd previously downloaded them.